Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Style Profile (Olivia Palermo) (1.)

Olivia Palermo
Style in three words: Romantic, classic, trendy
Known For: Chunky jewellery
 Tips to get her style:
  • Olivia loves Topshop, so get your purse at the ready and browse your local Topshop
  • Multiple Layers of clothing
  • Chunky Jewellery
  • Olivia's always on trend, so keep up to date.

Get her look for less

Blazer with Zips, Zara, £59.99, Link!
Dip back Maxi skirt, Asos, £40.00, Link!
Pleated Leather collar necklace, Asos, £20, Link!

Behind the fashionista
Love Olivia Palermo, this section is just for you,
we've collected our favourite behind the scenes videos of her.

What's inside Olivia's handbag(video)
Get to know Olivia(video)

Undercover Style Wars (5.) (Leighton Meester vs Selena Gomez)

Leighton Meester vs. Selena Gomez


These two lovely girlies are known for gracing many a best dressed list and having magazine readers cooing in envy of their fabulous gowns and these two gowns are no exceptions, Leighton remains demure in a black dress, this dress flatters Leighton in all the right places, we think this Gossip Girl looks beautiful. Leighton Meester's Monte Carlo co-star, Selena Gomez, keeps it young, youthful and playful with a unique patterned dress, Selena scrapes the win with this perfectly printed dress.

Gown Category: Selena Gomez

Event/Appearance dress

Leighton puts her fashion foot forward in this figure hugging, on trend metallic dress, she looks every bit the superstar in this eye-catching creation, while Leighton takes our breath away, Selena goes simple, her dress is flattering and is kept young and unique with an interesting neckline, but with Leighton's bold dress as a competitor, Selena loses her lead and Leighton gains a point, making it a draw for the moment, which one of these girls will take the lead, read on to find out.

Event/Appearance Category: Leighton Meester

Everyday Outfit

Leighton rocks out in denim, leggings and great shoes, Leighton sheds her charcters preened, classic look in this outfit, Leighton looks every bit the fashionista as her street style is edgy and cool. Selena opts for comfort, with a classic american, casual sporty style. For this category Leighton edges a win for her "cool" look.

Everyday Outfit Category: Leighton Meester

Fashion miss

Oh deary deary me, our beautiful ladies, our stars of Monte Carlo, our teen stars have fallen into the trap of the dreaded fashion miss. Leighton looks like neon paint has been flicked all over her dress, with cut outs in all the wrong places this look is less than desirable, while Selena's fashion miss was harder to hunt out on the internet so we chose this all to "Anita" from West Side Story dress. While Leighton is caught by the fashion miss's evil grasp, Selena gets a point for not being caught by the all seeing fashion miss. 

Fashion Miss: Leighton Meester
Category Winner: Selena Gomez

Now, for the first time in Undercover Style Wars history we have a draw, after much careful consideration, we couldn't decide, so it has got to be a draw. Do you agree with this decision, battle it out in the comment section, we love a good fashionable debate.

ps. this blog post is intended in fun and we admire all of the celebrities in these Undercover Style Wars for their careers and their integrity.