Sunday, 25 September 2011

Undercoverstylelover Recommends: VeraMeat

 One of our favourite things to do in our spare time is to search the internet high and low for great accessory and clothing finds from the "new and edgy" to the "vintage and classic". It was from these numerous hours searching on the internet that we found "VeraMeat", we love their jewellery, and we thought we'd share this find with all of you guys. VeraMeat is our latest obsession, we love to adorn their funky, edgy, humourous pieces, we get mass amounts of ooing and ahhing from friends and family when we wear these pieces and many utter the words "i've never seen anything like it". So if you are looking for that wow factor to finish of an outfit and bring it into the realms of  sexy,cool, edgy and chic, Undercoverstylelover recommends Vera Meat.

You can purchase VeraMeat jewellery pieces@

Monday, 5 September 2011

Three quick Fashion Tips (2.)

1.)Layered scarves

Add texture to your outfits by accesorising with many scarves of the same tonal colours and of the same colour as  the outfit it will accompany, this adds a depth of interest to your look  and an extra edge making you look every bit the stylish fashionista.

2.) Zap those zits

For those nasty spots , put a small amount of sudocrem on the area overnight and wake in the morning to a spot that has dissappeared. The antiseptic qualities of Sudocrem means that they attack the source of the spot. 
(I will say that this trick does not work for acne sufferers or people with oily or sensitive skin as it is a strong product that can irritate some skin types)

3.) Stop rings making fingers go green

For any jewelry collector you will be well aware of the non metal  costume rings that you buy from high street stores that turn your finger green, to keep your rings in good condition simply coat the inside of the ring with a layer of clear nail polish or for a funkier look put a colour nail polish on the inside of your ring, be careful that it does not show on the other side or indeed any part of the ring that can be seen when you wear it.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Undercover Style Wars (4.) (Blake Lively vs Natalie Portman)

Blake Lively vs. Natalie Portman


Can we hear a "woot woo", these girls are queen's of the catwalk. Blake wears an asian inspired dress that flatters her colouring beautifully, the dress is unique and expresses Blake's quirky sense of style, we are loving that dress here at undercoverstylelover. Natalie heats up the red carpet in a red dress that is both unusual and sexy with beautiful pleating and sparkles, this dress is one of those wow outfits which has the blogging world buzzing with delight, we love Natalie in this daring red dress and for that reason, she takes the gown category.

Category winner: Natalie Portman
 Event/Appearance dress


Blake steps out in her Little Black Dress, she is dressed for sucess in this outfit as it hugs her in all the right places and both the colour and the detail on this dress makes it modern, clean cut and sophisticated on our gossip girl.
While Natalie livens up the red carpet appearing in a bandeau style purple dress, with great pleating details, can we just take a minute and admire her lucious looks. This category was very hard but after much deliberation Natalie Portman takes it for her decision of a purple colour to match her skin tone and hair colour.

Category winner: Natalie Portman
Everyday Outfit

Our ladies both look great when they are primped to perfection by an army of hair, makeup and clothing stylists armed with curlers, shoes and mac eye shadow; the real test is how they dress in their everyday lives.
Blake looks fantastic in this outfit as it flatters her long legs, this outfit shows Blake to be a daring fashionista on the red carpet and on the pavement.
While Natalie often opts for a more comfortable route, and follows this pattern in this candid photo, here at Undercoverstylelover we don't like comfortable, when compared to heels, shorts and sparkles, so we have an undebateable winner in the form of Blake Lively

Category winner: Blake Lively
Fashion miss

Oh dear, oh no, on the one hand Blake wears a dress that is both unflattering and cheap looking, while, on the other hand Natalie Portman appears lost in a ruffly mess, Blake's dress is completely wrong for her and Natalie Portman steps out in beautifully styled hair meaning she misses the fashion miss's evuil grasp, making Blake Lively this posts fashion miss.

Fashion miss: Blake Lively
Category winner: Natalie Portman

This was a hard one, both these girls looked great but Natalie Portman is our winner with 3 categories to Blake's one, stick around to see who will battle next week.

ps. this blog post is intended in fun and i admire all of the celebrities in these Undercover Style Wars for their careers and their integrity.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Review: Hand Food, Soap and Glory

Warning: This review contains mass amounts of praise and "ooohing" and "aaahing" for this product,

For the past year i have searched high and low, far and wide in every make up counter for a great hand cream. A hand cream that does not smell like plastic and doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy. Well, i found it, in the shape of "Hand Food" by Soap and Glory, i love the quirky name and it is covered in the iconic packaging we have come to expect from Soap and Glory, but that's just the beginning.  I often raise my hand to my nose to take a quick inhale of the sweet and girly scent. The smell is fresh and sweet and gains many compliments, it is not sickly sweet as it has subtle citrus and nutty  tones, but it is youthful and fresh. The cream itself is non greasy and leaves your hands so soft to the touch, so say goodbye to your dry hands caused by rigourous washing up, say goodbye to hampered hands through daily chores and hello to wonderful smelling, soft and luxourious hands.
Honestly, for me this is a holy grail product which i use daily, and have since bought another tube of, to keep in my handbag with me at all times.