Sunday, 25 September 2011

Undercoverstylelover Recommends: VeraMeat

 One of our favourite things to do in our spare time is to search the internet high and low for great accessory and clothing finds from the "new and edgy" to the "vintage and classic". It was from these numerous hours searching on the internet that we found "VeraMeat", we love their jewellery, and we thought we'd share this find with all of you guys. VeraMeat is our latest obsession, we love to adorn their funky, edgy, humourous pieces, we get mass amounts of ooing and ahhing from friends and family when we wear these pieces and many utter the words "i've never seen anything like it". So if you are looking for that wow factor to finish of an outfit and bring it into the realms of  sexy,cool, edgy and chic, Undercoverstylelover recommends Vera Meat.

You can purchase VeraMeat jewellery pieces@


  1. Their jewels look extremely elegant and has a Cleopatra feel to it, doesn't it?

  2. such lovely pieces! definitely think i'll spend some time searching around the website! X

  3. That ring is THE coolest!


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