Saturday, 30 July 2011

Undercover Style Wars (1.) (Emma Roberts vs Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift Vs Emma Roberts

The fashion jury is out as Emma Roberts and Taylor Swift battle earring for earring, dress for dress to win the Undercover Style wars, first battle.


Taylor sticks to her widely known princess style, wearing a dress with a sweetheart neckline and a multitude of tulle making her every bit the country diva with a classical girly and romantic style.
Emma, however opts for a more edgy Jenny Packman dress with graduating colours and sparkles that edge the battle in her direction. 

The Gown category:Emma Roberts

Event/ Appearance dress

Taylor Swift turns her classic girly style up a notch adding a dash of edge with darker colours and a cufff bracelet and completing the look with a girl's best friend, her clutch. While the edgy Emma Roberts trades her trademark darker colours and boots for a more girly hippy, chic look with beautiful embellishment detail. However Taylor's switch from her widely worn romantic girly dresses gives her this round as she is not afraid to spice things up and experiment with her style.

Event/Apperances: Taylor Swift
Everyday outfit


It's easier to look wonderful and glam when you have a band of hair, makeup and fashionable helpers creating your look, but what about when our starlets are on their own. Taylor wears autumn colours for a chily day in London completing her look with great characterful heels. While Emma opts for a classic black pair of skinny, a white v neck and of course as every fashionista does puts a chanel cropped blazer on top, wearing it with killer high heels and a great black bag.  This one was hard because both girls have great street styles but this round must go to Taylor Swift for her great use of accessories .

Everyday outfit:Taylor Swift

Fashion miss 

Oh dear me Taylor's figure is lost in this shapeless gown which is unflattering on her figure and the abundance of sparkles makes it seem as though this outfit may be more in place in a disco, as a disco ball than a red carpet gown. Emma wears a blouse that looks as though she has borrowed it straight out of Ugly Betty's wardrobe. Both of these outfits made our fashion queens look frumpy. Although comparing the outfits, Taylor's outfit, might well be very unflattering but does have some interesting details, meaning she has wrangled her way from the fashion miss's hit making her the winner of this category with less of a Fashion f*** up
Fashion Miss: Emma Roberts
Round winner: Taylor Swift

With three wins to Emma Robert's one the winner of Undercover style wars (1.) is Taylor Swift, this Style war was hard because both of these fashionistas have great style and grace.

ps. this blog post is intended in fun and i admire all of the celebrities in these Undercover Style Wars for their careers and their integrity.


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  2. Great pictures, Agree with your choice of the street style, Taylor looks very effortless and comfortable. love her orange scarf

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