Sunday, 31 July 2011

Three quick Fashion Tips (1.)

1.) Vintage Brooch

For that shapeless dress at the back of your wardrobe create a new form fitting look with a vintage brooch you can pin the front to make your stomach look flatter or in the back for an new and unique styled look for either pinning the front or the back gather the fabric at the waist and place a brooch in place to gather the fabric. (here is a link to a YouTube video by Elle Fowler showing how to do so) 

2.) Safety Pin Earrings

Create a new trend by Using a Safety Pin as an earring to add an edgy look to your outfits. Just make sure you remember get rid of the sharp part of the pin by filing down with a piece of Sand Paper or a nail file and sterilize with rubbing alcohol

3.) Charity shops

Browse your local charity shop for a great, cheap second hand find and help out those who need it, keep your eyes peeled for anything and everything, the large variety of styles and sizes can be daunting for any new time charity shopper so, keep an open mind, remember larger sized tops can be tucked into jeans or skirts  or pinned in places to ecencuate a great figure. Although do clean clothes before you wear them charity shops are generally dusty due to the amount of used items they stock so clothes may be dirty, you can handwash items with delicate beaded or stiched detail or for more normal items place them in a washing machine.


  1. I have loved your fashion tips!
    Especially the one involving that gorgeous brooch, so beautiful!
    Lots of love from a new follower from Spain!!

  2. I love that Brooch and how you linked it to Elle's video :) Very nice

  3. I used to shop in second hand shops alot when I was a teenager, I found alot of cool things.. i had a blue glitter mini dress that was from 60's it was really cool..I don't even know where the 2nd hand shops are now!

    ps thanks for the comment on my blog x

  4. These tips are serio9usly soo helpful. I agree with all three! Second hand shops are so in right now and it's apparently the best place for a girls fashion needs hhee!
    Keep up the wonderful posts. Xo

  5. Haha I remember when Hilary Duff did that and all the fashion crazies were saying it looked horrible but now they are eating their words coz she definitely sparked a trend! I love it :-) Might have to go bling some safety pins!

  6. I remember girls doing the safety pin earrings when I was in high school (10 years ago). I guess trends really do come back.

  7. the brooch is soooooo nice... amazing tips...

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