Sunday, 1 January 2012

Clean And Clear: Spot Control Kit,Review

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Confession: Although i know above all else it matters what is within our hearts, our souls, our minds..... It can be a knock to my confidence when i see pimples on my face and i have to face the many people i will see in a day.

I have personally struggled with acne for years now.....
I have tried the contraceptive pill
I have tried antibiotics
I have tried other branded spot treatments
I have tried, tea tree oil, witch hazel etc
....You name it I've tried it

Whilst my hand crafted substance of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Honey, soothed my skin, and got rid of the small spots it did not have the same affect on those big spots. So upon wondering around my local boots one afternoon, i came across what would soon become a ray of sunshine.

The Clean and Clear: Spot Control Kit comes in a cheerful, easy to use 3 step system.

1.) Spot Control Cleanser

 Although this may not score points on the "Smell Scale" and does have the tendency to smell like you are walking through a chemical lab, the benefits far out way the odd smell. According to the instructions written on the box you are to "Apply to wet face and gently massage, avoiding eye area, rinse thoroughly and pat dry". This product makes me leaves my skin feeling refreshed
2.) Spot Control Moisturizer

"Use daily after cleansing. Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer one to three times daily". Those of you who suffer from spots like myself will find it a hassle to get a good moisturizer that does not irritate your skin, or leave your skin with an oily residue. This stuff is not like the others.... although once again, like the cleanser it is ridden with chemicals, it makes my skin so soft.

 3.) Fast Acting Spot Treatment
This product is the almighty finale to this great trio. This stuff is worth its weight in gold for acne sufferers. You are to "apply invisible gel directly onto the spot". I put this on just before i sleep and all of those nasty little spots, medium spots, big spots are gone with.... no scarring... they have just disappeared without a trace. The only thing i don't like is that there is not more of it... because i adore this stuff.

Some of you may have read my "O Natural" post and gleaned that i love to make my own spot remedies and those that i have posted are great for getting rid of the occasional spot.... but let it be said that Clean and Clear: Spot Control Kit has got the "di bom digi bom di deng di deng digigi" and a wonderful kit.

An Aside....
You may be aware that we took a break..... well a rather large break..... we were not sitting there on our bums doing nothing, but discussing what the future is for UnderCoverStyleLover. We are NOT leaving Blogger and will be posting regularly but i have been pondering with the idea of creating a YouTube account and sharing my passion for clothing design and making with the world.

Another Aside....
I love nail polish and recently went out and purchased a rather large amount of Barry M nail polish, whoops(well it is Christmas , "The season to be jolly" and all of that, and nothing makes me more jolly than nail polish") With my purchase i received a Limited Edition full size Nail Glitter in Silver Glitter 149, which i have been using constantly on top of any and every nail polish i can find. I love this glitter nail polish on top of "Utilitarian" by TopShop. But i love it even more on top of Nude Beige by Models Own. It is just a great combination. Silver Glitter 149 by Barry M and Nude Beige by Models Own are truly the Romeo and Juliet of  Nail Polish pairings (well, kinda)

See you very soon....
Your Undercover Style Lovers


  1. glad to hear theres a miracle maker out there! :).xx

  2. happy new year undercoverstylelover :D and thank you for this post! i have suffered with spots for a long time now too and like you, i have tried as many things as i can but none of them seem to really work. i was recently given some liz earle products for christmas but obviously i cannot keep re-purchasing them as they do come with a hefty price tag. however, this post is a godsend! when i next pop into boots i will have to find this and check it out! thanks again :) X

  3. Great reviews! I also have problems with the spots and this is great to see that works. I have used the spot treatment and it works wonders.