Thursday, 5 January 2012

Undercover Style Wars (6.) (Zoe Saldana vs Lea Michele)

 Zoe Saldana vs. Lea Michele
Gown Category

Wow these ladies certainly have got the wow factor in these two amazing dresses, Zoe is a forward thinking fashionista, who is not afraid to take fashionable risks and she does not dissapoint in this daring dress, that is not only eye-catching but extremely flattering, whilst Lea opts for a more simple style, and although we love Lea's style and she often graces the best dressed list we have to ask the question, haven't we seen enough "going in at the waist and flairing out" dresses on the red carpet for the past 5 years?. Therefore Zoe wins the category for her unusual dress.
Gown Category: Zoe Saldana

Event/Appearance dress

Zoe pulls it out of the bag once again seeking out unusual dresses, Zoe looks like a medieval goddess in this beautifully crafted dress, and this girl owns it. Once again, while Zoe goes all out on the red carpet, Lea wears a dress that is very flattering but lacks that wow factor. So, once again Zoe steals this category for the risks she takes in her sexy, red carpet fashions.

Event/appearance dress: Zoe Saldana

Everyday Outfit

 Zoe accentuates her toned and slender frame in blue skinny jeans ,a plain black top, sky high heels and a leopard print scarf. The movie star manages to team "comfort" and "sexy" well. Although a simple outfit we think Zoe looks great while she runs errands and completes her everyday tasks. Lea, is plunged into cooler conditions and this is evident by the coat she has chosen to wear, judging from Lea's coat we can conclude that she looks... comfortable. Whilst both of these gorgeous girls stick to neutral tones, we personally prefer Zoe Saldana's sexy look.

Everyday Outfit: Zoe Saldana

Fashion Miss

Oh dear, whilst Zoe Saldana looks as though she is trapped in a candy cane, Lea Michele has been infected with baby pink disease. These ladies have rendered us speechless (and we all know that doesn't happen often), and not in the good way. Where were the stylists? Where were their minds at? Now this fashion miss is hard...But... after much debating Zoe is caught by the Fashion Miss' evil grasp, because she looks as though she has picked a picnic blanket straight of the grass, stitched it in all the wrong places and thrown it on. Meaning Lea has not been caught by the Fashion Miss

Fashion miss: Zoe Saldana
Category winner: Lea Michele

The scores have been counted and verified and we can now reveal that... with three categories to one. Zoe Saldana wins for her brave style choices and sometimes unmissable Red Carpet "WOW" moments.

Check back soon as Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba battle it out, who will become victorious, you'll just have to watch this space to find out.

ps. this blog post is intended in fun and we admire all of the celebrities in these Undercover Style Wars for their careers and their integrity.


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  7. they're both stunning, my personal style I would pick Lea for all the categories, idk why but I guess thats the beauty of fashion, we all have those things we like more :)

    really love your blog! fantastic post.



  8. Both ladies are fierce! I think in the Gown and Events category I would have went with Lea. :D

  9. i love them both! but Lea defs take the cake!

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