Monday, 1 August 2011

Undercover Style Wars (2.) (Hayden Panetierre vs Emma Watson)

Hayden Panetierre vs. Emma Watson


Hayden picks a bright and cheery dress with a vibrant pop of colour that works beautifully on her skin tone, however the dress does not eccencuate her figure and makes her hips appear wider than they usually look and the great colour choice is lost on a red carpet losing its effect.
In contrast Emma Watson picks a white dress that flatters her in all the rights places with ruffles, a slit to show her legs and an asymetric style making her live up to the elegant classy beauty that she is. This dress is wonderful for Emma and her personality making her the winner of the Gown Category.

Gown Category: Emma Watson

Event/Appearance dress

Both of these actresses look like Gorgeous Golden Goddesses in these dresses, Hayden's dress is unique and forward thinking with a beautiful and elegant mix of class with an edge, the colour of this dress sets of her sun kissed skin. Emma picks a very textured burberry dress with a black belted detail, this shows of her figure and she too looks wonderful in this dress making this a very close call, but after much deliberation ,this category has got to go to Hayden for the unique design of her dress.

Event/Appearance dress: Hayden Panetierre

Everyday Outfit


It's easier for our celebrity's too look every bit the fashionista when they have an elite team of stylists, make up artists etc primping them to perfection, the real test on our starletts is their candids, how they dress on their own.
In this category Hayden excels she seems to always pick outfits that fit her in all the rights places, she mixes glam and rocker chic in an effortless manner mixing a leather blazer for an added edge with jeans that flatter her figure. 
Emma Roberts keeps it simple and causual with a more sporty approach to everyday wear, a good point about her everyday style is that she always looks comfortable, but it may seem more bland than Hayden's well put together look meaning Hayden wins again for her ability to dress her body type extremely well.

Everyday Outfit: Hayden Panetierre

 Fashion miss

Oh dear our once fashionable styled fashionistas now look completely covered in colourful tin foil. Hayden's dress would be more in place in a bargain sale at a cheap clothing store, and is altogether to shiny on the eyes, but comparing it to Emma Watson's big mistake, the skirt part of the dress appears as though it has been attached with doubled sided sticky tape, the two different parts of this dress do not match each other and Emma is not redeemed by make up and hairstyle as this hair and makeup does not flatter Emma Watsons fresh face. Making Emma Watson this Style War's fashion miss and giving Hayden another category as she misses the Fashion misses evil grasp.

 Fashion miss: Emma Watson
Category Winner:Hayden Panetierre

This makes Hayden the second Style Wars winner with 3 categorys to Emma's one, both of these girls are beautiful, intelligent and talented actresses with great fashion moment's.

ps. this blog post is intended in fun and i admire all of the celebrities in these Undercover Style Wars for their careers and their integrity.


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