Friday, 5 August 2011

Saturday's 5 celebrity looks to love.... (2.)

This Saturday i have been searching the internet high and low  for celebrity looks from all time to compile this "Saturday's 5 Celebrity Looks To Love...."
1.)"She's Blue-ed up about fashion"

2.)"Conrad In-The-Navy"

3.)"It's not always dismay in gray"

4.)"She looks great when-leather"

5.)"Pretty perfect Princess"

So this was a list i compiled of my favourite looks i stumbled upon this Saturday.


  1. I love Lauren Conrad's style!!
    She never gets it wrong :) Fab post btw x

  2. nice blog...thanks for checking out mine...:)

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog. :) You've got a cute blog started, it'll be fun to see where it goes. LOVE #4 - belting your coat is SUCH A GREAT styling tip. One of my personal faves actually.

    Keep up the good work. ^^

  4. I love Selena and Lauren's style. They always look amazing. This is a great post :)

    Naomi xx

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I really for some reason am always drawn to Olivia's style. She's so cold hearted but the girl can dress!

  6. Great choices! I love each and every look. Thanks for checking out my blog and I will certainly be back to drool over your fashion picks!!

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