Thursday, 25 August 2011

Undercover Style Wars (3.) (Ashley Greene vs Kristen Bell)

Ashley Greene vs. Kristen Bell 


Ashley Greene injects glamour, beauty and elegance onto the red carpet with a dress that flatters her great figure, and has wonderful embellishment detail confirming her title as the ultimate twilight princess, she chose a perfect nude colour that flatters her light skin.While Kristen, wears a more contempary look which also looks great on her, and hugs her in all the right places, but seems to be in the background when compared to Ashley's beautiful look, so Ashley Greene is the undoubtable winner of our first category.

Gown Category: Ashley Greene

Event/Appearance dress


Ashley steps out in a neutral number with more covered skin to protect her from the New York chills.  Although, the texture of this dress is interesting, it lacks that "wow, look at her", premiere moment. As Ashley fades into the black-ground,  Kristen takes centre stage in a great pale blue dress, which shows of her summer glow, the classic bandeau is beemed up into modern day fashion , with the sprout of fabric on the side, embellished dress and great wrap over details. Kristen lets the dress gain attention with minimal accesories. Kristen is the unquestionable winner of this category, making our girls level in the fashion stakes, will it edge in another direction as we fall down into the next category.

Event/Appearance category: Kristen Bell

Everyday outfit


Our girls hectic acting schedules call for a stylist, who takes care of their fashion and beauty needs, the real fashion test is how they dress in their everyday lives.
Ashley looks girly, stunning and beautiful in her pick, a great summer top with leggings and heels, a wonderful summer look. While Kristen steps out in an all to comfortable outfit, although, she does "jazz it up" a little with a light washed demin waistcoat her odd shorts add inches to her waist, i'm sorry, we love Kristen here at Undercover Style Lover but her look was a little to on the comfortable side for us fashionistas, making Ashley this category winner.

 Everyday outfit: Ashley Greene
Fashion miss

Oh dear, our once queen's of the catwalk, princess's of the premiere and beauty's of the events have, on Ashley's side gone a little over board on the metallic and the poof, mabye she was channeling a little bit of snooki, there seems to be a little to much going on in Kristen's look, but there is a few interesting design features and we do love her clutch, meaning she has missed the Fashion miss's evil grasp  making Ashley Greene the fashion miss this time and giving Kristen an extra point.

Fashion miss: Ashley Greene
Category winner:Kristen Bell
Tie Breaker:This month in pictures

Another tie-breaker, Ashley's look seems a little unflattering making her appear wider that she usually looks and may we dare to say it ,boring, apart from the shoes Ashley's look is a little bit of a "yawn, while on the other hand Kristen, brighten's up our faces here at Undercover Style lover with a very interesting dress, great handbag and a wonderful pop of colour with orange shoes.

Tie Breaker: Kristen Bell

Making Kristen Bell the winner of this posts Undercover style wars with 3 wins to Ashley's 2, these two awesome actresses fought shoe for shoes, dress for dress, handbag for handbag in this Undercover Style War but who will face the battle next time, you'll just have to wait and see.

ps. this blog post is intended in fun and i admire all of the celebrities in these Undercover Style Wars for their careers and their integrity.


  1. I love this post, Im a BIGG Ashley Greene fan so pretty much everything she does is like amazing to me. However the Fashion Miss section I totally agreee, Kristen rocked her outfit I dont know what Ashley was thinking wearing that. It doesnt suite her at all.

    Keep up with the post Im most def. following. and p.s. Thanks for being my first follower, I appreciate it (:

  2. Great post! I have to say Kristen Bell wins overall! I love that gown and that pale blue dress. Their fashion misses though were both horrible...sometimes you just wonder...what was their stylist thinking?!?

  3. great Blog thanks for all these great ideas...!!! and for sure I love me Kristen Bell....for sure!!!
    I too getting my blog started here feel free to check it out..!!!

  4. Thanks for the comment about Filofaxes and is so needed.

    Great blog, just like fashion it!

  5. Great post, I think Ashley Greene looks good in whatever she wears. Thanks for following. I am following you back. Love the blog. <3


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